Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Zain has a great time with his cousins. He's had a lot of fun times in particular with Naeem in the last couple months. Here's a sample:



Naeem and Star

Engineer Naeem drives the dog-bed "train". Massive giggles follow.

Best picture ever?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Little Bits of Summer

Remember summer? It was just a couple weeks ago, right? No? Oh. I was wearing long johns yesterday? Oh yeah.

Here are a few random shots from the time before long johns:

Getting ready for some hiking. We have a few confinement devices for Z to choose from.

Zain carefully reading the instructions for his new water wings.

"Making rice" at the playground

In his mind, we have now found the best playground in Toronto

Z can find fun anywhere. For instance, throwing rocks into a puddle in a hotel parking lot.

Zain is ready to take on the world, and the wading pool.

Fearless - when it comes to heights anyway

Making new friends at the Canadian National Exhibition (explanation for Americans - kinda like a state fair)

He decided this goat was his new best pal and he didn't want to leave

Naeem made a friend, too

With Naani after a little surprise birthday cake for Mommy

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Down on the Farm

In addition to celebrating many birthdays, we got a lot of time to hang out with the family in Ohio:

Checking out pictures with Grammy (Mr. Ego loves to look at pics of himself)

We were so excited to meet our newest niece/cousin, Ella! Ella and Maya are a frequent topic of conversation in our household.
Playing on the big-boy swing at Maya's. This is a new development; for now, though, he still prefers the little-kid swings.

Getting in some work at the farm 

Checking out a tractor with Grandpa

This was a favorite activity - riding the lawnmower. He looked slightly petrified while they were moving, but as soon as Grandpa stopped the mower Zain said, "More!"

Thanks for the pumpkin, Grandpa!
Relaxing to some Lawrence Welk after a busy day at the farm. He really liked it.

Grammy has some of the coolest toys.

He's... um.... creative.

Cuddly boy with Grammy. Z is a big sweetie and we love it.

Fun with cousins - Maya version

Fun with cousins - Mikayla version

Did I mention what a sweetie he is? Zain is a serious hug machine. Here with Mikayla, Uncle Terry, and Aunt Peggy
Since Z has crossed the 2-year-old threshold, he now gets his own seat on the airplane (and mommies have to pay for it - ergh...). He's already a seasoned traveler and knows his way around a pack of pretzels.

Also still good at this on the plane, thankfully

Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dear Zainy

A lucky birthday boy got two birthday parties, one in Toronto and one in Ohio! 

The crowd starts to arrive for the Toronto party. Zain eyes the appetizers.

Partying with Bapa

Party-goers in the pool area, waiting for the cake-cutting

Blowing out the candles on the cool train cake made by Naani

Zain scurried off with his piece of cake, found a chair, and set to work

The face of satisfaction

Back for more?

Naeem was in charge of guest activities

Cousins checking out the cake debris

Party #2!

Sporting his new John Deere hat

We had a mass birthday party for all those born in early September - Zain, Grandpa, Maya, and Ella (not pictured, but represented by Beth!)


A repeat offender!